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Safe Management of NMBA

Safe administration and reversal of neuromuscular blocking drugs in daily practice ACCREDITED Medical Education anytime, anywhere To Access The Course Please Click Here

NMT Monitoring in the ICU (Advanced)

This course allows ICU staff to quickly access the most important information on how to correctly use the STIMPOD in the ICU setting. It also includes a number of in-depth lessons to broaden the practical and theoretical knowledge of staff and educators. 

NMT Monitoring – The Basics

NMT Monitoring – The Basics What are the reasons for the objective monitoring, what happens in the neuromuscular junction when blocking and reversal agents are introduced, how do different types of blocking agents work and what are the basic stimulation patterns and stimulation sites? This course answers these questions and more.

Stimpod NMS450X – Best Practices

Stimpod NMS450X Best Practices This course takes a look at the latest techniques and best practices when using the Stimpod NMS450X in the OR, PACU or ICU.


Welcome! Welcome to the Neuromuscular Transmission (NMT) Campus at the Xavant University. Thank you for investing in yourself to increase your knowledge and understanding of Neuromuscular Transmission Monitoring. Here at the NMT Campus we are passionate about increasing the awareness of using neuromuscular blocking agents safely and effectively, resulting in an optimal patient experience, as …

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Stimpod NMS450X – The Basics

This course will teach you the basics of neuromuscular transmission monitoring with the Stimpod NMS450X, including patient setup with AMG and EMG, menu settings and troubleshooting. 

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