Lesson 1 – Introduction

This lesson covers the basic aspects of how to successfully trial the Stimpod.

A good product presentation is the most essential aspect of a successful sales pitch. It is your exclusive opportunity to create a positive first impression. This should be followed by a positive trial experience to create a sale outcome.

A successful presentation plus a successful trial equals a high probablity of a sale.

Phase 1: The Presentation

Presentation is everything.

The purpose is to create the desired outcome for the product by successfully establishing the STIMPOD Brand Promise. This is achieved by focusing on the product’s value and the key benefits for the client.

If the value proposition is successfully presented to the customer, the customer will not only perceive it as desirable but eventually an essential need. If the customer’s need for the product is successfully established, the presentation has been successful, and the first positive outcome has been achieved.

First Positive Outcome: Successfully generating the provider’s desire and transforming it into a need.

There are only two aspects of the presentation and both are paramount to creating a positive impression and achieving the first positive outcome: Preparation and Presentation. We will discuss both in subsequent lessons.

Phase 2: The Trial

The Trial period can be summarised as the follow-up validation or proof of the STIMPOD Brand Promise, after the initial presentation phase.

The purpose of the trial is to gain the customer’s trust in you, the representative, and the product. If the customer’s trust is successfully established during the trial, then the trial has been a success and the second positive outcome achieved.

Second Positive Outcome: Successfully proving that the value and outcomes in the presentation will be realized during product use.

The STIMPOD Brand Promise

1. Simple
The easiest to use NMT monitor available.

2. Economical
The STIMPOD offers the most cost-effective option for hospitals to implement NMT monitoring – which itself, as a procedure, can save hospitals money.

3. Complete
Providing both AMG and EMG technology in a single device, the STIMPOD is the only monitor that can be used in 100% of procedures and all hospital settings, whilst still providing the most cost-effective solution.

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