Lesson 2 – The Presentation

This lesson will show how to compile your presentation to communicate value, outcomes and difference.


1. Ensure full working knowledge of the device and competent demonstration of its features.

2. Review before and/or show at the meeting the ‘Stimpod NMS450X Overview’ presentation.

3. Test your device and ensure you have full functionality and required accessories before the visit.

4. Take along all appropriate brochures and research as needed.


1. Ask the customer what their facilities requirements are

It is essential to question the provider regarding the specific needs and requirements of their facility. This is essential as it is an opportunity for you to collect information to apply the STIMPOD brand promise.

(Refer to the Manage Q&A lesson for essential questions)

2. Be direct when presenting the STIMPOD Brand Promise and Value Contributions

Do not delay. Use the information you’ve collected from the customer and get right to the point and address the customer benefits.

3. Utilise your resources

Remember that resources are available to help your presentation. This includes the Xavant University and Xavant product specialists. These are valuable resources, make good use of them!

Be the resource

Most hospitals that are interested in the STIMPOD have not utilised quantitative monitoring before or would not have a good understanding of the complexities associated with NMT monitoring.

The customer may lack NMT monitoring knowledge and/or knowledge of the product. This lack of knowledge may lead to a negative outcome possibly related to poor user experience, which has nothing to do with the product.

The customer will therefore depend on you, the STIMPOD Representative, as an essential resource to present proper procedure, best practice and how to gain the best value from the product. Having you as a knowledgeable resource will lead to a good user experience, therefore, rendering a positive outcome.

S04.02 Rev.01