Lesson 4 – Presentation Resources

This lesson will cover the resources you should have available to assist with a successful trial.

STIMPOD NMT Monitor Brochure

Ensure you have printed brochures available to discuss and leave behind after the trial.

STIMPOD NMT Monitor – Presentation Overview (PPT/PDF Module)

Always have a copy of your presentation available to review or discuss.

STIMPOD NMT Monitor – Sales Launch Package

The sales launch package contains key ordering information etc. You should have a copy available for easy access.

STIMPOD NMT Monitor – Xavant YouTube Training Video Catalog

You can access the Xavant YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/xavanttechnology for easy access to all the training videos. These videos are also available on the university platform at www.xavant.com/university

Xavant University

Access the Xavant University at www.xavant.com/university for easy reference to various topics. This resource can also be used to show the provider how to train and certify their own departments.

Key Literature

Key literature can be downloaded from the University. Also, ensure you have studies available that have been requested from your provider.

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