Lesson 4 – EMG Electrode Placement

This lesson will take you through EMG Electrode Placements and precautions

Setup Requirements

To complete this lesson, you will need:

  1. Stimpod NMS450X Neuromuscular Monitor
  2. NMT Monitoring Cable EMG
  3. EMG Electrode


When we use EMG monitoring, there is one custom electrode for monitoring of the Ulnar nerve.

Correct placement

  1. Attach the EMG Electrode securely to the Patient’s arm by placing the most distal electrode above the muscle insertion point of the abductor pollicis, over the bone or joint.
  2. Place the EMG sensing electrode over the muscle belly of the abductor pollicis.
  3. Then, place the stimulation electrodes on the most superficial aspect of the ulnar nerve, with the cathode, or negative black electrode, located 1-3 centimetres proximal to the wrist crease on the radial side of flexor carpi ulnaris.

Note: the ambidextrous design of the electrode enables setup on either the left, or the right arm.


When the stimulation pads are placed too close to the sensing pads, the stimulation signal from the stimulation pads may interfere with the EMG signal measured on the sensing pad, therefore ensure the placement of the stimulation pads to at least 1-3cm from the wrist crease. This will enable the best chance to avoid interference.

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