Lesson 5 – General Care

This lesson will take you through general care tips and precautions to ensure the longevity of the device.

Setup Requirements

To complete this lesson, you will need:

  1. Stimpod NMS450X Neuromuscular Monitor
  2. NMT Monitoring Cable EMG or NMT Monitoring Cable AMG
  3. EMG Electrode or Xavant NMT Electrode or two ECG electrodes

Cable Care

Handling the NMT cable with care is essential thus ensuring prevention of possible damage and ensuring the longevity of the cable.

  • Take care to insert the blue NMT cable connector carefully and the correct way around. The embossed STIMPOD logo on the connector should be facing upward. Do not force the connector into the device.
  • When removing the cable from the device, grip the blue NMT connector and carefully remove the cable. Do not remove the cable by pulling on the cable itself.
  • Cables should be inspected for fraying, kinks or damage in every case before use.
  • Prevent any pinching of the cable to avoid permanent damage. There are many places in the OR where a cable can potentially be damaged and therefore specific care should be taken, especially when moving the device between the OR and other units whilst in use.
  • It is highly recommended the user transports the Stimpod and cables in the Stimpod carry case to prevent damage.
  • Once the device is no longer in use, replace the cables neatly into their respective storage compartments without kinking any of the cables.
  • Take care not to pinch the cable when closing the case.

AMG Cable Care

  • Place fingers on ECG clips and open sufficiently to release. Do not pull on the cable to remove the ECG clips.
  • Loosen the strap and carefully remove the accelerometer from the appendage. Do not pull on the cable to remove the accelerometer.

EMG Cable Care

  • Place the fingers on the finger grip when removing the EMG electrode from the EMG cable. Do not remove the electrode by pulling on the cable.

Battery Life and Changing Batteries

  • Prior to changing batteries (four AAA’s) be sure to switch off the device and remove all the cables. Failure to do so may lead to shocking the user handling the device.
    • Inspect the batteries to ensure no acid leakage
    • Acid leakage may cause damage to the PC board
    • Acid leakage may cause corrosion of the battery clips which may lead to the batteries not making proper contact
  • Always remember to close the battery compartment cover correctly. Batteries might not stay in place, leading to batteries not making proper contact.
  • Do not strike the Stimpod to release the batteries. Carefully remove the batteries one by one per hand.
  • The backlight function can be set to off, 5 seconds duration (after last activity), 60 seconds duration, or always on. It is recommended to set the device to the 5 seconds duration setting to save battery life.
  • Do not wait for the automatic shutdown function to switch the device off. Shut down the unit when not in use to save battery power.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Cleaning: Soap/Detergent and water applied with a damp cloth is suitable to clean the Stimpod. Take note to only use a damp cloth and not a wet cloth. It is imperative that no moisture penetrates the Stimpod. It can damage the pc board and other components.

  • Disinfecting: Any commercially available methanol-free disinfectant in an ethyl alcohol base can be used for disinfection.

C02.05 Rev 01
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