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Welcome to the Neuromuscular Transmission (NMT) Campus at the Xavant University.

Thank you for investing in yourself to increase your knowledge and understanding of Neuromuscular Transmission Monitoring. Here at the NMT Campus we are passionate about increasing the awareness of using neuromuscular blocking agents safely and effectively, resulting in an optimal patient experience, as well as looking after the budgets.

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Our current courses

We are developing 14 courses that will cover different aspects of Neuromuscular Transmission Monitoring, ranging from the basic concepts, to the practical application and then moving on to more advanced topics. The lessons in the courses will focus on key elements, and a quiz will test your knowledge and understanding. Our first three courses start with the basics.

1. NMT Monitoring The Basics

This course will cover all the basic aspects of neuromuscular monitoring, from stimulation patterns to basic pharmacology of NMBA’s, as well as optimal setups for both acceleromyography and electromyography.

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2. STIMPOD NMS450X The Basics

This course builds on the first course, and provides all the information necessary to start monitoring with your STIMPOD NMS450X. It looks at the practical application of NMT Monitoring, and also includes best practices to ensure a reliable and consistent NMT monitoring experience.

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3. Specialisation: NMT Monitoring in the ICU

This is our first specialisation course. A specialisation course combines modules from other courses, enabling a specialised departement, in this case the ICU, to complete a single course and cover all the basics needed to be fully trained in neuromuscular monitoring and STIMPOD techniques in the ICU. These specialisations are a great way to train an entire department and use the results of the quizzes to evaluate the understanding of key concepts.

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That is our first three courses. We hope you enjoy them – please feel free to give your comments and suggestions.

A quick survey

At Xavant we always listen to our users, and here at the University it is no different. With three course done, we need to decide which courses to tackle next. To help us decide, we are giving you the opportunity to tell us which courses you would like us to work on next. We have put together a small survey that you can use to rate the courses. This survey will take no more than 5 minutes of your time, and it will help us tremendously to work on the information that you want. The survey will give you the opportunity to rate these courses on the level of importance, and this will guide us in the development of these courses.

If you rate it as important, we will focus on getting it done.

At the end of the survey is an open question, giving you the opportunity to provide us with any other additional feedback i.e. topics we might have missed etc.

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